CONSUMABLES:    Reagents, Controls and Calibrators

For All Beckman Coulter Models

LH, Gen-S, STKS, STKR, HMX all MAXM Models, T-890, T-660, T-540, JT, JT-2, JT-3, Ac-T 8-10, AcT Diff, MD 8/16, MD II, Onyx, S+ 1 to 6, F, FN, ZF, ZBI, ZM, Z1, Z2

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Part #



Coulter Part #

Coulter Product

CDS 501-024

MD/C Reagent Set (Pack)

10 Liters


Micro-Pak 10 Liters

CDS 501-029

Enzymatic Cleaner

500 ml Btl


Coulter Clenz

CDS 501-013

Enzymatic Cleaner Concentrate (MD II Only)

2.5 ml


C. Clenz Concen. 2.5 ml