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COULTER MD SERIES Hematology Systems
Designed for Compact Spaces
Up to 30 samples per hour
Sample Volume:
12 µL of capillary or venous blood.
Disk-based with calibrator kit
Perform a 16-parameter CBC and differential on only 12µL of whole blood - STAT - wherever testing needs arise. In the lab, OR, ER or ICU - there's a COULTER MD SERIES instrument that's a perfect fit.
Simple to Learn Disk-Based Operation
Automatic start-up and system checks, with easy-to-follow operator prompts, make the MD SERIES the easiest COULTER instruments to learn and operate.
Easier Regulatory Compliance
Control and calibration disks automatically load and check control and calibrator values, lot numbers and expiration dates. You also get access to Coulter's complete quality assurance program.
No Routine Maintenance
Unique sample aspiration system - no blood sampling valve or pinch valves to maintain.
Accurate Results and Complete Flagging System
Triplicate counting ensures accurate results for confidence and improved patient care. Complete system of flags identifies samples needing review - eliminates time sorting abnormals.
Dependable Service and Support
From the industry's #1-rated service organization

Easy to Learn and Operate
Now you can perform a CBC on whole blood - simply by pushing a button. The COULTER MD SERIES hematology instruments allow routine tests in the primary lab or STATS in any specialty lab, simply and cost-effectively.
·Push-button start-up and operation
·Operator prompts and easy-to-follow menus
·Complete training video and pictorial operator's guide
Easier Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
Automated, disk-based quality control and calibration eliminates manual data entry of control and calibrator values, lot #s, and expiration dates.
Daily QC values are automatically logged and plotted.
Reagent, control and calibrator lot numbers and expiration dates are monitored and operators are automatically alerted when materials are out of date.
Multiple system checks assure system's integrity and sample accuracy.
QC data is submitted for peer review via diskette.
Printout of daily start-up log includes backgroun counts.
Compact, Bench Top Design Saves Space
LCD displays easy-to-follow operator prompts and results
Numeric keypad for system operation
Easy-to-use touchpad
Integrated 3.5" disk drive
Accurate Results and Complete System of Abnormal Flags
Coulter's exclusive triplicate counting process ensure accuracy.
Proven Coulter Histogram Differential technology.
Instrument flags abnormals and automatically alerts operator if sample needs to be rerun or reviewed - to save time.
Proprietary Aperture Integrity Monitor (AIM) helps ensure accurate counts by alerting the operator to possible aperture blockage.

No Routine Maintenance Required
Coulter's exclusive electronic aperture cleaning prevents protein build-up on the apertures - eliminating the need for routine bleaching.
Unique sample aspiration system - no sampling or pinch valves to maintain.
Cost-Effective Operation
Low acquisition cost - three configurations to suit your needs.
Whole blood sample requires no predilution time or predilution vial costs.
COULTER MicroDiff 16 with histograms
·16 parameters with printed WBC, RBC, and Plt histograms
Performance Characteristics:
The Coulter Principle of counting and sizing with automated sample diluation and mixing. Modified cyanmethemoglobin for hemoglobin.
·Lymph #
·Lymph %
·Mono #
·Mono %
·Gran #
·Gran %
Up to 30 samples per hour
Sample Volume:
12 µL of capillary or venous blood.
Disk-based with calibrator kit
Operator Alert Indicators
·Change MICRO-PAK reagent container
·AIM Alert, rerun sample
·Review abnormal results
·Flagging for abnormal RBC, WBC and Plt distribution
·Patient action limits for abnormal results
Graphic printer is standard
·Width: 49.5 cm (19.5 in.)
·Height: 43.2 cm (17 in.)
·Depth: 40.6 cm (16 in.)
·Weight: 34.0 Kg (75 lb)
Power Requirements
·100 +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
·120 +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
·220 +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
·240 +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
Less than 200 watts
Temperature, Ambient Operating
16`C to 32`C (60`F to 90`F)
Recommended Reagents
·MICRO-PAK, which contains diluent and lytic reagent
·CLENZ cleaning agent