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The COULTER MAXM Auto Loader (also available in a single sample, cap-piercing version) is designed for smaller laboratories that need walkaway automation, a directly measured 5-part WBC differential, graded RBC morphology and Reticulocyte counting capability.

Simple to Operate
The MAXM A/L is operated from a single user interface … the computer keyboard. Sophisticated data management software uses pull down menus in a user friendly “windowed” environment.

Walk Away Automation
During times of peak workload or diminished staffing, the MAXM A/L can be loaded with up to 25 samples for unattended operation. A unique universal cassette allows the user to load most sizes of collection tubes (2 ml. To 7 ml.) in the same cassette.

3-D VCS Technology … a breakthrough in cellular detection and analysis. The equivalent of defining an object in three dimensions rather than two, the MAXM A/L combines the use of three highly accurate measurements to provide superior separation of cell populations. On each sample, over 8,000 White Cells or 32,000 Red Cells are directly analyzed, counted and classified using DC Impedance for Volume, RF Opacity for internal composition, and HeNe LASER Scatter for granularity and nuclear structure.

The unequaled sensitivity and specificity of 3-D VCS Technology on the Coulter MAXM A/L can dramatically reduce the need for manual differentials in your laboratory.